Parker Software announces the launch of chatbot technology

Live chat software specialist, Parker Software, has added a chatbot to its WhosOn product. A chat solution used once every second around the world, WhosOn is already a thriving technology. With the addition of its new chatbot functionality, WhosOn is set to grow even further.


“We strive to stay competitive in a fast-growing market,” says Howard Williams, Marketing Director at Parker Software. “By incorporating chatbot technology into our live chat software, we add a highly valuable string to the product’s bow, and one that helps to futureproof our business.


“Chatbots are already impacting the way businesses manage customer service. Although fairly narrow in scope at present, the technology is advancing with every passing month. We’ll soon start to see chatbots capable of increasingly complex tasks, and, along with AI, shaping the customer service landscape of tomorrow.”


The chatbot solution currently available via WhosOn has been designed to help companies answer more queries, in less time, and with less resource. The bot is powered by “if this, then that” type rules that allow routine conversations and tasks to be automated, rather than wasting valuable agent time.


“Although we see the immense worth of chatbots, we don’t believe that customer interactions should ever become robotic,” Howard continues. “That’s why the WhosOn chatbot works alongside agents in a seamless tag team.


“For example, a visitor on a website could be greeted by the chatbot to receive a receptionist style welcome. The chatbot could either answer a straightforward FAQ, or transfer a more complex query over to an agent. Once back in more standardised territory, the bot could smoothly step back in.


“Importantly, this is all frictionless, and takes place in a single cohesive thread. Plus, human agents can oversee any chatbot activity at all times, and step in and out of chat sessions as necessary. This creates an efficient partnership, for the ideal blend of automation and engagement.”


Getting started

Anyone looking to deploy the WhosOn chatbot on their website can find further information here: