Insider from the newbie at Parker Software – what is working for a tech company like?

When I graduated from Keele University with a first-class degree in English with creative writing this year, I had no idea what was next. I wanted to write, or edit, but that was as far as my plans for the future went. If you asked my younger self what I thought I’d be doing aged 22, working for a tech company wouldn’t even be in the top 50 responses.

Yet here I am, and somehow, I have already been here a whole month. I’ll tell you what though: I’m glad that my younger self didn’t dictate where I would end up.




So, there I was. About to start working for a tech company. Only I knew very little about technology, maybe only a slight bit beyond what I need in order to use my devices each day. I enjoy learning new things, which was an advantage to me because I was going to have to learn a lot.

The learning is actually one of the most fun aspects of the job. I’ve already learned so much about marketing, SEO, and the types of software that are available for businesses. (Not to mention how awful the buses are during rush hours.) I continue to learn new facts and skills every day.

I’ve found a genuine interest in the software and technology that Parker Software specialises in. I can see the improvement in my writing with every new article. I love that I am learning so much, not just about marketing and tech, but about everything else too.




One of the reasons I was chosen is that I fit in with the personalities already in the office.

Having been here for a month now, I couldn’t possibly argue with that evaluation. We are a collective of introverted nerds and geeks, and that makes the office so much fun to work in. The office atmosphere is never anything but friendly and relaxed, even on Monday mornings (though it usually is a little quieter on Mondays).

Be it discussing age-old nerd arguments (the best Doctor/Batman) or about software problems and light banter, chatter varies between topics like pop culture, to video games, to books, and back to software. You probably couldn’t find a friendlier, more genuine group of people.




This past month has flown by. It feels like it was only last week that I was starting my first day here, yet simultaneously it feels like I have been here forever because everyone has just welcomed me into the office. It’s a bit of a paradox, but it’s true.

Parker Software is a small company and a small office building, yet they cater to over 10,000 customers. My job is in the marketing department, creating content to help get the company name out to the world.

I’m now creating new content every day. I left work at the end of my very first day a published writer, as the piece I’d written for my application to the company was published on the WhosOn blog. I have since published many more articles on two of Parker Software’s three websites, and I’ve also had a few article posts accepted externally.

Even though I spent most of my first day reading, I left the office buzzing. I was determined to prove that Parker Software had made the right choice in choosing me.



Working life

Over the following weeks, I settled into working life, quickly finding a daily routine. I would come in, get a cup of tea and a piece of fruit, and get to work writing and publishing articles, researching and learning about new topics.

After the first week, I had somehow gained the duty of providing a ‘Japanese word of the day’ (I studied the language at university). After lunch a few days into the job, I was asked to draw a horse. Since that day, for a bit of fun, I end up drawing increasingly bizarre things after lunch. (Today’s request was ‘a lazy llama licking a lollipop’ – one of my colleagues likes alliteration.) I never thought I’d need those skills when working at a tech company!

The most amazing thing is that on my first ever pitch to another website, my article was accepted and published the very same day.  My writing being accepted by so many people has been really affirming to me. It’s thanks to working here at Parker Software that I feel so motivated to keep improving my written work.




The work itself, the time I spend in the office with great people, doing work I enjoy, isn’t what has been leaving me exhausted. My working hours are from 9 am until 5:30 pm, except I have to take the bus.

Waking up at 6 am every morning to get out of the door by 7:20 am at the latest is sometimes a challenge. Particularly given that up until now I was a nocturnal student that never even had a 9 am lecture at university. My commute to and from work means that I am working a 12-hour day. By the time I get home in the evenings, all I can do is shovel some sustenance into my body and power down until the morning.

Of course, there are the evenings where I make myself go out and continue my extracurricular activities (martial arts and orchestra), on those nights, I don’t get home until 10 pm.

So at least work is fun, because I’m spending the majority of my free time sleeping while my body adjusts to my new lifestyle. It is starting to get easier. I’m waking up early naturally, and it has forced me towards a healthier diet too.



Back to work

Parker Software has given me the most amazing opportunity I could have asked for. The best part of working for a tech company is that at the end of the day, you really feel like you have contributed something.

I am looking forward to my future working at Parker Software. It might not be the last stop on my journey through life, but I hope it will be a long one. So, I will return to writing articles all about Parker Software, WhosOn, and ThinkAutomation, alongside any new products that our development team come up with.



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