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Live Chat Software for your website

Our live chat software has successfully led the market for over 15 years. A front-runner in the live chat space, WhosOn is a time-tested, ever-enriched solution trusted by the likes of Ford, GSK and Worldpay.

Business process automation | Think Automation

Our automation tool parses all your inbound messages, syncs them to the relevant place, then performs the right follow-up action. Voted the top tech tool for productivity, ThinkAutomation takes the weight off your workload.

Parker Software is a world leader in live chat software and business process automation. We started off as a one-man company with a bright concept, and we’ve since grown into an international business with renowned products.

Since our conception in 2003, we’ve built a custom HQ in our Staffordshire home town, and acquired a dedicated US office in Orlando to support our strong overseas customer base.

One person has become forty. We’ve built specialist teams and filled them with smart people. And we’ve also been pretty busy winning consistent media coverage, business awards, and new customers of all sizes.


We’re on a mission to bring businesses closer to their customers, and we’re looking for talented people to step up and step in. Together, we’ll shape the digital landscape by accelerating the real-time communication revolution.

Sorry, no vacancies currently available.

  • The technical support from Parker Software is phenomenal! They are fast, efficient and friendly. It is extremely easy to have a good partnership when things are going well and there are no problems, but entirely different when issues arise. Parker Software has proven time and again that it cares even after a sale.

  • I would certainly recommend Parker Software to anyone who has a customer facing website, the software is functional, easy to use and can only help your business improve its customer service.

  • We looked at a number of providers and found Parker Software to be more advanced

  • Parker Software has given us a distinct advantage over the competition

  • Parker’s technology is so straightforward that there have been no problems using it. Whenever we needed support to make any changes Parker Software’s team was on hand to help